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Exclusively for SeattleClouds Users

This iPhone application was build to allow SeattleClouds users to preview and test their iPhone apps on all mobile Apple devices: iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.

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Hybrid Apps - iPhone Applications with Online/Offline Hybrid Content

iphonehybridappApplication resource files are cached locally and enables your app to work when there is no internet connection. When connection exists, an InApp update procedure will automatically sync updated content with local cache.


The problem with online application content is that they don’t work when there is no internet connection. AT&T coverage is far from the best and therefore connectivity status may frequently change when you are on the go. To solve this problem SeattleClouds came up with a Hybrid mode for iPhone apps. Application content is synced locally and stored on device storage. Application is always working with local resources, which makes loading and browsing very fast.

If connectivity exists, an update process will connect to server in a background thread and retrieve new content. It will check for new files and files with newer date time stamps and sync them with local files. This is done automatically in the background with a visible progress bar.

If connectivity is lost, and your app is opened, a top left icon displaying connectivity status will change, but you’ll be able to continue browsing and work with the app.

Same technology will be used by next generation HTML and will be supported by major browsers on all devices. Read more about online/offline web on W3C in HTML 5 spec

This, next generation, technology is available NOW and brought to your iPhone app by SeattleClouds. There is evident advantage in having this.  All application plans on SeattleClouds have this feature built in.
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