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This iPhone application was build to allow SeattleClouds users to preview and test their iPhone apps on all mobile Apple devices: iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.

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How to close out applications completely in new iPhone iOS 4 ?

With the newest version of iPhone firmware, you will be able to multitask. Apple has given us the ability to access more than one program at once. By closing an app the way you would on a 3G phone (clicking the home button), you will no longer fully quit an app. This is similar to the way things work on a Mac OS – clicking the “X”

In iOS4, when you want to close an app (which was previously achieved by pressing the home button once) you have to:

  • Press home button once to get to home screen
  • Double press the home button to see the app you want to close on the tray
  • Hold down on an app to enable ‘closing’
  • Press the ‘Close’ button on the app.


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