Radio Streaming with Seattlecloud

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Radio Streaming with Seattlecloud

There are a virtually endless number of ways to listen to music these days. You can stream them, virtually buy them, watch music videos, and the old methods, like vinyl, are still humming along as they ever were.

Sometimes, though, people like to just hit play and let it go without having to manage every little thing like playlists or play order. Introducing Radio Streaming by Seattlecloud, the app has the ability to feature radio stations that cover all kinds of content that is ready for streaming when you want them. It includes both internet-hosted radio as well as some FM stations that support online streaming.

Radio is still a great way to come across new music and explore a wide range of artist. For those people, we’d like to present the best radio feature for your mobile app.

Radio Streaming has an intuitive interface that makes it a snap to listen to streaming radio while you’re on the move. It offers more than a wide range of radio stations to choose from around the world, plus, with the help of your iPhone’s GPS, it can even serve up all of your local favorites.



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